Video Production

For over 20 years Media Services has developed, written, shot and edited professional video productions for Providence Health Care and other health care organizations.  Large budget or very small budget, our experienced video producers Dawne Novakowski, Ming Chang, and David Yoo help clients get the most out of their resources – and we know the health care environment well. 

Our facilities include a large production studio and two professional, digital video equipment packages for shooting in-house or on location.  And we have three professional digital editing suites to edit and package your video. 

For more information, contact Dawne Novakowski, Ming Chang, or David Yoo.

Have a look at a sample of our work below:


CORPORATE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - PHC "Daring to be Caring" - Patient Safety & Risk Management

FUNDRAISING PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - Lights of Hope Community Celebration - 3 mins.

PATIENT & RESIDENT PROFILE VIGNETTES - Remembrance Day Brock Fahrni Veterans - 6 mins.

PROGRAM PROMOTIONAL VIDEO - Healthy Heart Program at Providence Health Care - 8 mins.

Residential Care for Me - 5 mins.

EDUCATIONAL VIDEO - Ceiling Lift - Placing Transfer Sling - 4:30 mins.

Rectal Cancer Surgery Patient Educational Video for Patients - 20 mins.

LECTURE RECORDING AND PACKAGING - Lecture Recording - Dr. Hogg - 45 mins.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS VIDEO - Mission Award video -Ron McIntyre - 6 mins.

CLINICAL PROCEDURE VIDEO - TCT Conference 2014 - Live Case Transmission - 40 mins.